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Detail of portrait of a man by Dor Duncan
Detail of portrait of saxophonist by Dor Duncan
Detail from portrait of Maya, by Dor Duncan
Detail from Red Hat portrait, by Dor Duncan

How to Commission a Portrait

To order a portrait on commission, please write to the artist at dor@dorgallery.com,   or 'phone +44 (0)7817 484358.   Please let us know your requirements, including the preferred medium and the number of sitters  and we will send you the price.                                                                                                

Dor prefers to capture something unique about the nature of the sitter when painting a portrait, so you will be asked, if possible, to give some details about the person who is to be the subject of the portrait.

Dor comments: "Portraits can be created from photographs, a live sitting, or a combination of both. In painting a portrait, I aim to capture the unique nature of the sitter and it is important to know something about the person who is to be the subject of the painting in order to create the right interpretation and mood.

"Commissioning a portrait is an important commitment, and for me, the responsibility is to truly reflect the sitter, to try to go further than creating a forensic, photographic copy of a person, and rather to bring life to the subject of the image, saying something about who the individual is and what is important to them.

"This is why it is often useful to see a favourite photograph of the person, as well as detailed photographs, perhaps taken by myself or through an in-person sitting. However, it is quite possible to bring even the most simple photograph to life, and there is no necessity for an in-person sitting.

"A successful portrait is much more than a family heirloom or an investment, it is a presence. For that reason, I use materials which will endure, both in terms of the pigments, the media and even the frame supports."

Price Guidelines

Current price guidelines as follows:
Drawings from £150 12" x 16" Head and shoulders
Pastels from £200 12" x 16" Head and shoulders
Watercolour (unframed) from £350 12" x 16" Head and shoulders
Acrylic on canvas from £750 24" x 30", Head and shoulders
Oil on canvas from £950 24" x 30", Head and shoulders
Oil on canvas £2000 30" x 42", Head, shoulders, hands
Egg tempera on panel, priced as oils

Please note, the above prices are for one person only. Paintings with more than one subject take more time and are therefore more expensive.


Half payment in advance, half on completion. I accept cheque, cash or Paypal.

To commission a portrait, write to Dor at dor@dorgallery.com

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