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Landscapes and imaginative works inspired by Delphi in Greece, by Dor Duncan

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The Delphi Series is a group of landscapes, portratis and imaginative works by artist Dor Duncan, inspired by the site of the ancient oracle at Delphi in Greece. Click on images below for larger versions of paintings.

Winter Night, Parnassos, Delphi, painting by Dor Duncan Ice Mountain, Parnassos I, Delphi, oil on canvas from Delphi Series by Dor Duncan Approach to the Sanctuary, Parnassos, Delphi, Greece, oil on canvas by Dor Duncan
Winter Night Parnassos Parnassos I Approach to the Sanctuary

An exhibition of some of the paintings from the Delphi Series was held at the Ask a Question: Art and Oracle exhibition at Riverside Gallery in Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, Surrey in summer, 2010. More details on that show and the paintings can be seen in the archives of the news section

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